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Smart (SHM) Notation

Revolutionize Maritime Operations with SMART (SHM) Certified SENSFIB™ Solutions

Unlock the potential of Smart Functions and redefine the possibilities of maritime operations with Light Structures, the exclusive provider of ABS-certified SENSFIB™ under the SMART (SHM) notation. Our innovative SMART Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system brings a new era of operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability to the maritime industry.

SMART Structural Hull Monitoring: Acquire. Analyze. Act.

Digitalizing stress and fatigue data is at the heart of SENSFIB™, providing precise structural stress and fatigue data for enhanced decision-making. Our SMART (SHM) certified solutions seamlessly integrate into wider digital systems, offering actionable insights that empower crew members and support personnel ashore.

SMART SHM Certification from ABS

We are proud to have received SMART SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) certification from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). This certification signifies our commitment to delivering the highest standards of safety and reliability in the maritime and energy sectors.

What is SMART SHM?

SMART SHM is a rigorous certification program developed by ABS to ensure that structural health monitoring systems meet industry-leading standards for safety, reliability, and performance. It encompasses advanced monitoring technologies, data analysis techniques, and risk assessment methodologies to enhance the integrity and longevity of critical assets.

Key Features:

  1. Digitalizing Stress and Fatigue Data:
    • Acquire precise structural stress and fatigue data
    • Analyze acquired data & deliver to any digital platforms
    • Act on insight from reliable structural monitoring data
  2. SMART (SHM) Certification:
    • ABS SMART (SHM) notation for vessel records indicating Global Hull and Fatigue, Tier 3
    • Leverage robust software integrity and cybersecurity measures for seamless integration
  3. Total Solutions for Complete Structural Integrity:
    • Tailored solutions for each customer's needs
    • Investment in a future of enhanced asset value, efficiency, safety, and sustainability
  4. Real-time Information and Predictive Analytics:
    • SENSFIB™ provides dependable, real-time information about stress on a vessel's hull
    • Enables proactive response to warning alarms, reducing damage and improving safety
    • Offers deep insight into accumulated fatigue for optimized maintenance and reduced operational expenditure

As a total solutions provider in the maritime and energy sectors, Light Structures is committed to delivering SMART (SHM) certified installations that prepare any ship or fleet for digital operations. Our industry-leading, fiber optic, sensor-based approach ensures structural health assessment and prediction calibrated with high-fidelity data for improved accuracy and reliability.