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Every Navy and Coast Guard vessel operator has their crew’s comfort as a top priority. One of the most common and dreaded problems on board ships is high levels of vibration. The two most noticeable consequences of these vibrations are hull structure fatigue and crew discomfort. Discomfort is mainly caused by motion sickness/ sea sickness and/or human fatigue due to vibrations.

Light Structures is proud to introduce SENSFIB COMFORT

SENSFIB COMFORT is a monitoring and guidance solution to support
the navigators in making transits as comfortable as possible.

The solution relies on measuring the motions and accelerations the crew experiences at different locations in the vessel, while calculating (VDV-Vibration Dose Value) the risk of increased crew fatigue and discomfort using state-of-the-art methods.

The solution is scalable from smaller patrol vessels to the largest navy ships. The increasing level of activity at sea globally, increases the risk for missions encountering demanding weather conditions.

With SENSFIB COMFORT, the operator will gain support to choose the best speed and heading for the least discomfort and occurence of human fatigue. When discomfort is unavoidable, the crew can be given the headsup that they are in for a rougher ride

SENSFIB COMFORT can be combined with other monitoring solutions from Light Structures, such as SENSFIB HULL, SENSFIB ICE and SENSFIB GLOBAL FORCES.

Comfort Monitoring
Operational Control

  • Improved crew comfort
  • Dynamic operator guidance
  • Balance speed vs comfort
  • during missions

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