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Every cruise and ferry operator have their passengers' comfort as their main priority. One of the most common and dreaded problems onboard ships is high levels of vibration. The two most noticeable effects this vibration has on the ship is structural fatigue and discomfort of crew/passengers.

Discomfort is most often caused by motion sickness/sea sickness. Through research by classification societies and commercial suppliers, a lot of improvement has been achieved in terms of marine vibrations and motion sickness. Light Structures is proud to introduce SENSFIB COMFORT, a monitoring and guidance solution to aid the navigators in making transits as comfortable as possible.

The solution relies on measuring the motions and accelerations passengers experience at different locations in the vessel and calculating (VDV-Vibration Dose Value) risk of passenger discomfort using state-of-the-art methods. The solution is scalable from short-haul ferries to the largest cruise and expedition ships.

As the cruise and expedition destinations grow more exotic and the customers are looking for more extreme experiences, the risk will increase for voyages encountering various and demanding weather conditions.

With SENSFIB COMFORT, the operator will be better able to choose the speed and heading that causes the least discomfort. When discomfort is unavoidable, the passengers can be given the heads-up that they are in for a rougher ride.

SENSFIB COMFORT is presented with a freshly developed and user-friendly interface that informs about conditions throughout the vessel at a glance. Up to 8 locations onboard can be monitored for motions simultaneously

SENSFIB COMFORT can be combined with other monitoring solutions from Light Structures, such as SENSFIB HULL, SENSFIB ICE and SENSFIB GLOBAL FORCES.

Motion Monitoring Comfort Control

  • Dynamic operator guidance
  • Improved passenger comfort
  • Balance speed vs comfort during blue water transits

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