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Bridge Structural Monitoring

SENSFIB BRIDGE and IBMS for SENSFIB Provides the Information required to support a Safe Transportation System.

Safe and cost-effective operation of bridges is a key in today’s infrastructure market. With SENSFIB BRIDGE the operator gains valuable knowledge of structural conditions. This supports maintenance planning, life extension decisions and eases the inspection work load. SENSFIB BRIDGE provides real-time data for operative decisions and the saving of life-time structural loads including the environmental parameters for post-processing.


SENSFIB BRIDGE monitors the stress responses and accelerations of the structure during operation to provide online information about load margins and long-term information about fatigue accumulation.The scope and layout of the system can be adapted to fit any bridge at any geographical location.

Wind, waves, current and temperature are typical natural load parameters to measure together with structural response as bending, accelerations, tension and torsion.

The collected information can be utilized in combination with design parameters in Light Structures real-time analysis software IBMS (Integrated Bridge Monitoring System) for comparison.

Bridge and Structural Stress Monitoring Operational Control

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Dynamic safety guidance
  • Real-time and post analysis
  • Extended life-cycle
  • Quantification of uncertainties
  • Fiber optic technology


SENSFIB Integrated Bridge Monitoring System brings together the best of structural stress monitoring with running comparisons of design calculations and response models. The owner and operator will gain detailed knowledge on the status of the structure, and the causes of deviation can be evaluated at a glance.