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Integrated Marine Monitoring System

The SENSFIB Integrated Marine Monitoring System™ combines a number of different monitoring solutions in a single package, and with the integration of DNV's Hybrid Digital Twin (HDT) technology.

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SENSFIB Hull™ for basic data acquisition from fiber optic sensor systems and interfaced systems.

SENSFIB Fatigue Monitoring™ based on rain flow counting from actual stress histories.

Extensions for low-cycle fatigue is available, as well as a data management and reporting service - SENSFIB Active Fatigue Management™

Motion sensors (6DOF) and radar-based sea state monitoring are available for inclusion in the package. A mooring monitoring front end is available for monitoring offsets and mooring related motions.

SENSFIB Design Evaluation™ is an advisory function for tracking the actual fatigue damage accumulation compared to the fatigue design and hull response model using a spectral fatigue calculation approach.

Unlocking Advanced Insights with Hybrid Digital Twin (HDT) Integration

We can integrate DNV's proprietary Hybrid Digital Twin (HDT) technology into the Integrated Marine Monitoring System (IMMS), enhancing our suite of solutions. With HDT seamlessly integrated alongside SENSFIB Hull™, SENSFIB Fatigue Monitoring™, and other monitoring solutions, we offer unparalleled insights and predictive capabilities. This collaboration with DNV empowers us to revolutionize asset management, optimizing operations and maximizing efficiency throughout the maritime industry.

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