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PROTECT YOUR SHIPS & MARITIME ASSETS Structural stress and fatigue data

Light Structures leads in advanced structural monitoring for maritime assets, ensuring safety and preventing structural failures. Originating from the Norwegian Defense Research Institute, our use of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology ensures maritime safety and cost-effective maintenance.

FBG-based SENSFIB technology detects structural weaknesses early, enhancing ship safety and risk mitigation. This proactive approach, developed over two decades, safeguards crew and cargo, helps meet safety regulations, and cuts lifetime maintenance costs.

SENSFIB extends the life of vessels by offering vital data for preventive maintenance. It identifies early stress and fatigue, prolonging ship life and ensuring a strong investment return. The technology provides insights for better decision-making, boosting performance, and operational efficiency. This reduces unplanned downtime and maintenance costs.

Total solutions for complete structural
integrity at sea

As a total solutions provider in maritime and energy sectors, Light Structures tailors solutions to each customer's needs. Their global recognition underlines their role as a key maritime industry partner. Choosing Light Structures means investing in a future of enhanced asset value, efficiency, and a commitment to safety and sustainability. Their systems prepare ships for current and future maritime challenges.

Acquire. Analyse. Act.

  • Acquire precise structural stress and fatigue data
  • Analyse acquired data & deliver to any digital platforms
  • Act on insight from reliable structural monitoring data


Structural stress and fatigue data

Unique fiber optic technology:

SENSFIB™ Sloshing:
Proactive monitoring system for LNG carriers,
ensuring the integrity of containment systems
by measuring stress in steel structures
supporting the tanks.

State-of-the-art Hull Stress Monitoring
solution designed for naval and coast guard
vessels, providing real-time insights into hull
stress during various operations.

SENSFIB™ Cruise:
Dedicated to enhancing passenger comfort on
cruise ships and ferries, SENSFIB™ Cruise
measures motions and accelerations, offering
dynamic guidance for optimal transit

SENSFIB™ Bridge:
Monitoring solution designed for bridges,
providing real-time information on structural
health, ensuring safety and reliability.

Integrated Marine Monitoring System

SENSFIB™ Integrated Marine Monitoring
System (IMMS):

A comprehensive package combining various
monitoring solutions, including hull stress
monitoring (SENSFIB™ Hull), fatigue monitoring
(SENSFIB™ Fatigue Monitoring), motion
sensors, sea state monitoring, and design

Specifically designed for ice load response monitoring,
SENSFIB™ ICE enhances safety in icy
conditions, providing valuable data to prevent
potential issues.

Contact us to find out how our structural health monitoring solutions can help protect your ships, offshore vessels and maritime assets.