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Mooring Tension Monitoring

The SENSFIB FPSO system can be extended with a mooring tension display for moored offshore structures. The graphical display (GUI) shows the present position and bearing of the structure/hull relative to the ideal position and bearing, as well as the current tension or load on the mooring lines.

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The Mooring Monitoring package also provides functions for evaluating mooring line integrity, and may be combined with the Active Fatigue Management package to calculate fatigue in the mooring structures.

By monitoring the stress responses in the hull structure during operations we can provide the navigators with real time information about the load margins ‑ and provide support for the decision-making. The same data will be stored and analyzed, and will give valuable input for maintenance planning and fleet utilization.

The same data can be post-processed to give valuable input to maintenance planning and fleet utilization. Light Structures delivers a range of different monitoring configurations. Entry-level systems monitor hull girder loading with four to six sensors placed on the longitudinals. More comprehensive solutions include slamming detection and fatigue monitoring with dedicated sensors in the waterlines.

For advanced hulls such as high-speed ferries and naval vessels, we offer tailor-made solutions with a virtually unlimited number of stress sensors. SENSFIB offers a complete suite of hull condition monitoring and decision support functions. All sectors of the shipping industry, offshore, navy and wind energy benefit from the guidance of the monitoring system. Current SENSFIB system installations include navy and coast guard vessels, large container and RoRo vessels, bulk carriers, shuttle tankers, FPSO's, VLCCs, LNGCs and floaters in the offshore segment.

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